23rd April 2018
The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) is an international decentralized institution formed to address several major issues in the budding and briskly growing blockchain industry, including but not limited to trust in organizations, education for the more general population and not-sotechnical individuals, and barriers to entry, as well as for the development of new technology and services utilizing blockchain.
The GCA consists of a team of professionals in diverse areas of blockchain computing, cryptocurrencies and IT business development, among other specialties, along with corporate partners from the industrial sector.
The main purpose is to build up a global network of organisations that are united by partnerships established with the focus on mutual collaboration to solidify trust, provide transparency, educate, and implement innovative technological solutions on the blockchain.
Our core team brings together companies based on the blockchain under one umbrella after thorough vetting and due diligence. To date, several partners have joined the GCA. Within the Ecosystem, the companies work independently and focus on their specific expertise, but also collaborate with other partners for the advancement of the Crypto world. These partners have laid a foundation for a global ecosystem capable of offering innovative services; what makes the GCA very promising for the future with more partners expected to join soon.

Three values define the philosophy of the GCA

  • Cooperation
  • Evolution
  • Solutions
  • 7)B370
These outline three levels, three dimensions of growth, or three stages of development, each depending on their antecedent. This is a developmental model implemented in business architecture that is conducive to innovation and the creation of value. Cooperation takes place in the form of the Alliance itself. Evolution emerges in the form of giving life day-by-day to potential new ways of collaboration with the Ecosystem partners; when we form alliances, we no longer limit ourselves in the level of cooperation we can have.
Lastly, but not least, Solutions will come in the form of very new ideas and concrete inventions that will unite the diversity of our alliance resources. With this solid philosophy of strong partnerships in the ecosystem, all working together, we can invent the best services and products based on the blockchain that will be used worldwide benefitting everybody.
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