Department Chiefs

René-M. Bogislawski

GC News

Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Blockchain Advisor, Consultant. 20+ years experience of building businesses from scratch. Product development and engineering, Marketing and Sales. Experienced 10+ years in IT Security, SaaS, conversational commerce through messengers and publishing industry

Glenn Benavides

Cognitive Science Specialist / Board Member
GC News

Global Crypto News (GCN) editor and writer. Blockchain researcher. B.S. Psychology, Licentiate in Clinical Psychology, Msc. Cognitive Sciences. President of HUMANA Consulting. Founder of COGNOSCITIVA Consulting.

10 years in Organizational Psychology and Market Research. Java, C++ developer. 22 years University Professor in Japan and Costa Rica.

Teaching: Psychology, Research Methods, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Statistics, Psychobiology and Experimental Psychology.

Panos Papantoniou

Forensic Security Specialist / Board Member
GC Security

Researcher and expert in information security, with over 7 years of work experience. He specializes in online security, search for 0-day vulnerabilities, ethical hacking, blockchain technologies, incident management, and electronic forensic investigations. He has participated in forensic investigations in cooperation with the Greek authorities, has been an external information security advisor to the Greek Electronic Social Security Governance, a government agency that manages e-prescription systems. He has participated and has been distinguished in the Greek military cyber defense exercise “PANOPTIS”, and he is co-founder of the “Greunion” CTF competition team with several world-class distinctions in cybersecurity. He has served as a captain and a coach to the national cyber security team participating in the pan-European cyber security competition “ECSC”.

Stanford Saler

CCO/ Board Member

Engineering technologist with valuable experience managing business, blockchain, and web developers as well as marketing experts globally.

BSc in ECET from Purdue University where he minored in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

Paulo Sá

Marketing Specialist / CO-Founder
GC Marketing

Academic background in Graphic and Games Design  in Portugal and the UK. 

Digital marketing and Branding specialist with more than 15 years of experience.

Rui Garrido

Lawyer / Legal Specialist
GC Legal

Lawyer registered in the Portuguese Bar Association since 2002, master’s degree in forensic legal sciences, postgraduate degree in public contracts, practice in corporate law, commercial and civil law, as well as in international relations, expert in negotiation and bar practice in the courts.

GCA Administrators

Josie Ortiz

Service Supporter / Business Development

Bachelors of Dental Surgery (B.D.S).

Public Health and Outreach member.

OSHA and HIPPA certification VSO member and peer advocate
Blockchain Enthusiast and Educator.


Software Engineer / Specilaist in encryption

Bachelor of Science in Informatics with specialisation on Encryrption in 2009, working for several businesses as Encryption and IT Specialist. Software Engineer. Since 2015 CEO of a successfull Messenger company focused on mass adoption. Crypto Enthusiast since 2011



Software Engineer / IT Allround Talent

Master in Polytechnical Engineering IT Manager in Information Systems (Telecom) [8years] and Software developer [7years] Interests : Deflation and Environment


Specialized Accountant
Accountant, specializing in Greek and European financial and tax systems since 2013. Areti has experience in operating various ERP systems, including operational use of QuickBooks and other world-class commercial software. Her daily routine includes supplier and customer balance agreements, credit – dept settlements, invoicing, income – outcome auditing and more. In addition, she is a M.Sc. candidate in Digital Currencies, a postgraduate program that combines traditional accounting with the world of blockchain. In her spare time, she likes to learn foreign languages and already has fluency in English and operational command of French and Spanish.

Miguel Benevides

IT Specialist / Swiss Knife of IT / Board Member

Over 20 years experience in software development. Full-stack developer.

GCA Service Supporters


Service Supporter / Chief Sales Officer

Degree in Civil Engineering

Nine years in sales training and managing 25+ salesman, improving their ability to sell as well as educating in financial strategies.

Matt Fethers​

Service Supporter / Community Manager

Has 8 years of experience working in business management roles.

Aurora Rodrigues

Service Supporter / Quality Assurance Manager

Masters in Molecular Biology. Truly in awe of life.

Researched until the age of 31 when she transitioned into customer support contact management due to her strong interest in helping people.

As a blockchain enthusiast, she is passionately pursuing a decentralized world. Working with GCA, she can now help build one!

Muhammad Usman Arif​

Service Supporter / Customer Relationship Officer

Received Bachelor of Business Administration.

Social Media Moderator with six years of project management experience and four years of inbound call center experience.

Danh Huynh​

Service Supporter / Business Development Assistant
Studying English for Business at Saigon University. Matured knowledge of blockchain ecosystems and business strategies. 


Eric Alexandre

Founder of Jetcoin

Eric is an Executive Creative Director who brings fifteen years of experience in advertising, marketing and branding.

Rutger Janse

Founder/Owner bij Cryptische Valuta Consultants B.V.
Founder of the first crypto asset management fund in the Netherlands (CVC B.V.), and is also a licensed global elite for the Chinese-founded institutional and private exchange Huobi.
He assists clients in investing capital in distributed ledger technology, specialized for both private and professional investors. Heads up business development and distribution for the fund SCTAG GmbH in Switzerland supporting companies in capital fundraising, investor relationships, business development and go-to-market strategies.
Before entering the world of distributed ledger technology, he worked for one of the biggest banks in Holland the ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Silvano Soares

Marketing Advisor

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel. That’s why Silvano always puts the users at the center of the design process. Blockchain is disruptive and requires a new perspective on sales, marketing and customer service. Silvano has a Bachelor of Information Technology with extensive experience in a software development environment. Based on his passion for blockchain technology and customer journey mapping, his mission is to simplify complex blockchain solutions so they can be used by everyone in the world

Service Associates