Global Crypto Consulting

Consider our services your project’s professional Concierge.  Services by lead business developers that will listen to your project’s needs, advise, and manage them in the most efficient manner. Our revolutionary CALL token is the primary form of payment for all GCA services.


Offers legal consultation to projects from inception to incorporation to meet the requirements of the crypto legal international framework. Provide legal support to establishing projects as well as already incorporated and developed crypto businesses.


A distinguished team of security experts audit Blockchain projects. With our lead Blockchain developer as Head of service, our team also conducts penetration tests to simulate common attacks. As well offers taylor-made token development services and ready-to-use smart contracts, which even meet the newest ERC777 standards.


Register your company’s ticker symbol under your company’s brand name before launching your smart contract. Imagine your company’s ticker symbol being registered on the blockchain while its smart contract is fully audited by expert blockchain developers.


Marketing for cryptocurrencies is a special kind of cookie. 8)9ba2  We have gathered a team of experienced professionals in the crypto marketing field to nurture any project into full bloom status, and provide a new kick to and fresh perspective on promotional strategies regarding certain facets of projects.


Empowering the core of your organization. The fast pace of modern markets takes a toll on any operative. We provide support to top-chain decision makers of all industries and help work teams gain professionalism, agility and efficiency.


Provides a relaxed, supportive and confidential environment to help clients overcome difficulties, explore alternatives, and develop emotional strength and skills to achieve success and happiness while in the privacy of their own home.


As our main goal is to unite crypto-related projects from all over the world and make crypto easy for everybody, our first step is to resolve confusion and headache caused by unnecessary calculations related to time and schedules.
This brand new time zone is for projects, exchanges, communities, the whole Cryptoworld to never miss or be confused about a date/time again!
A solution has been presented by Global Crypto Alliance’s Senior Advisor, Gio. He has invented a new time zone, Global Crypto Time [GCT]™.


Register your company’s name and ticker symbol before launching your smart contract. Imagine having your company’s brand name registered on the blockchain while its smart contract is fully audited by expert blockchain developers.


A Global Crypto News service will allow the Alliance members to advertise and boost every announcements reach. It will also allow members to stay up to date with the curated content provided by GCA.