Aworker connects blockchain technology to the real world by providing decentralized reputation networks for the businesses and people. Their protocol makes it easy to create and manage applications based on verified data and reputation scores. People can control their information in one place and capitalize it.


Jetcoin Institute was established as a unique launch pad for tomorrow’s superstars in the fields of music, sports and media. With a unique concept that is powered by the revolutionary blockchain technology, Jetcoin Institute is disrupting the traditional celebrity-fan relationship and bringing the two together like never before. Through the Jetcoin Institute’s platform, individuals can actively contribute to transform a promising talent into tomorrow’s super star and benefit from the windfall in the process.

LBX pro

LBX Pro has the solution to bridge crypto to FIAT. Established in 2016 as a licensed money broker, LBX Pro has become a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange, trusted by the authorities and the community.

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