JETCOIN: building families who finance and raise new talents

A talent is much more than one single extraordinary human being; a talent is a tribe. A tribe, likewise, is a community ready to invest in human potential. A talent is a blessed and gifted amazing person who reaches outstanding performance thanks to a supporting family.

A talent is not merely an individual. A talent is a network of people, a tribe. Without the tribe, an athlete or a gifted artist cannot shine. The extraordinary person, the talent, is only like the tip of the spear. The spear is the whole family of supporters.

One Crypto project understood this basic anthropological fact and created an organisation where supporting communities composed of enthusiastic believers can emerge around promising talents: JETCOIN and the Jet Institute.


JETCOIN is one of the most exciting and one of the most real-world-based Cryptos.

 It’s an organisation investing years in the research field of talent-raising, specially in the area of sports. Their research has shown to them that, just as a human child could never develop his full potential without the protection and nurture of a loving family; an athlete or any kind of talent could never reach his/her full potential if a community does not provide funds and care to transform the child into a successful grown revelation.

JETCOIN has implemented a set of smart contracts in the Blockchain to facilitate the emergence of nurturing families who can adopt new talents in their infancy to given them financial support and continuous care. If you have the token JET, you can buy shares and support your talent .4)D924 You can invest in the future of your talent. Also, if you have evidence that you are gifted with true potential for sports or art, but you don’t have funds to finance your development, you could approach Jet Institute where you might find a family wanting to bet on you for what you are. 

JETCOIN builds up families.

And families nurture new amazing people.

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