Any Crypto project gives you some concrete product at least a coin or a token. Every project also promises to you at least some fancy razzle-dazzle for the future. But, observing projects’ strategies carefully makes them fall into two psycho-categories: those who concentrate more on delivering developments and those who sell promising ideas.


Both components are indispensable: the real one and the ethereal one. However, some teams concentrate the Psychological approach of their marketing strategy on the real component. Their emphasis is on delivering. On the other hand, many projects prefer to sell ideas or prophesies. In GCA we have been the kind of Team who cooks and delivers.


An honest observation of basic Crypto Psychology, nonetheless, leads us to a very curious fact: in Crypto, in general it seems to be a lot easier to get people to invest in ideas —in promises— than having the same people invest in actual delivering or in the real state of the art. In other words, people seem to be more willing to invest massively in fantasy than in actual delivered advancement. One sees many cases in which there is a lot of hype only during the long period when the project is merely promises.


In GCA we have adhered to a solid delivering paradigm. We are proud to say it. We prefer to deliver than to promise. In the past, we have seen amazing success with our paradigm. For us, it’s natural. It’s in our DNA. However, we could sometimes take a second to remember that the majority of investors in the market exhibit preference for the opposite Psychology.


Why have we been able to moon even with our delivering paradigm? Are we maybe stimulating some secret Psychology in people’s brains? I believe it could be fruitful for us to reflect a little about our reverse Psychology and find out how we manage to do the magic. I believe this identity makes us unique and outstanding. I hope we never change.

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