In CALL the sun keeps rising all day long

A regular day at Global Crypto Alliance (GCA)

Starts at every hour, because every 60 minutes the sun rises in one city of the Earth. The day starts with a network of professionals entangled in intense action. With one dev in Portugal implementing computing code for a new function for CALL Wallet, then with this dev CALLing the whole team with a question:

Hi, guys! We have new fans from Tokyo in main channel making questions in Japanese”, an then with five Admins rushing to give help from all over the world: England, Vietnam, France, Costa Rica and USA, while main Cook indicates form Germany Let’s not forget to serve the special dish we have for Japanese friends!. This scene can be happening ten or twenty times simultaneously in one minute. It’s all about people in action working for a global community and for our partners, worrying about investors and making their best efforts to be sure that thousands of loyal holders of CALL around the world are having a good experience.

Who compose the CALL team?

Computer Scientists, Programmers, Lawyers, Doctors. Business Administrators, Marketing Analysts, Translators, Psychologists, Nurses. Art Designers and many more experts. The team is composed by a group of dozens of professionals who put their expertise together at the services of the main objetives of holders of CALL and of allies who integrate GCA: the massive adoption of Cryptocurrency throughout the world as well as the development of Blockchain technologies

Why such a variety of specialties?

 The world of Crypto is complex. Cryptocurrencies do not only serve the purpose of “having a price” in dollars or in satoshis for people to be able to trade them and try to profit. CALL is not a token with such narrow vision either. Crypto exists to become of help for human life; in the case of GCA it is stated as a clear main objetive: “designing and implementing innovative technological solutions on the blockchain”. To be able to invent and create solutions, we need professionals from all fields and from all countries and cultures of around our planet. We know no frontiers. Our country is the Earth. Our nation is the Blockchain. What is the regular job of the team? To be in the front line of the attention of thousands of investors who seek for help. To be at disposal of partners of the Alliance to help them accomplish their own objetives. To study and do research about latest advancements in Crypto. To create innovative ideas and solutions that can help people through the use of modern technology. This is what a regular member of our team does day by day.

In respect to the business model followed by GCA, the team has a basic hierarchy where roles and goals are clear for team mates while keeping, nonetheless, a notable space of liberty that stimulates creativity and personal initiative. In GCA the member negotiates with the Alliance his own roles and GCA will always try to let the member occupy the position where he feels he can exploits his talents and can experiment motivation. This results in a kind of liquid hierarchy which is, in its self, unique and extraordinarily efficient for stimulation of creativity and development. Just as the work environment of famous giant super IT companies were considered a surprising innovation a decade ago; in this moment of history, at the end of the second decade of XXI century, our liquid hierarchy is the frontier on innovation. Liquid hierarchy stimulates even more innovation and growth.

Each member of our team starts working at CGA after having demonstrated excellency in one or usually more fields. The member is also expected to show willingness to participate in the production of new ideas and proposals. Each member should contribute to generation of novelty not only in his area but in any area. Any team member will naturally have a unique role and specific tasks. Our team has a moto: “We are Blockchain”. This means we are citizens of one new planetary nation, the Blockchain. As such, one thing put us all together, Internet. We have several windows through which we live together day by day and maintain our work environment. Like in any job, there are agendas, meetings, daily duties and lots of action. While a group works in a new marketing strategy, another could be dedicated to coding and yet another could be concentrated in generating value for one of our partners. One task, however, never stops: admin service at the Main Channel of GCA, where most of our investors come everyday to hear the news, to ask questions or give us comments, of just to say “Hi!”.9)69bA . For a member of our team, this point of interaction with our community is one of the most important treasures of GCA and CALL. Being able to be work for our investors here is an honor and a real pleasure.

What is GCA in the mind of a team member?

There is one sentence that team mates repeat daily while working: This is the job of my dreams! In GCA work is hard. It is not strange to have days where some team members sleep only 4 or even 3 hours per night. The expert of graphic design could have days of work of 20 hours. A dev could literally have almost no sleep for weeks. The Admins could be in the Main Channel for many days with minimum rest. These are only representative examples. Many more members are working in their positions at every minute. But one single spirit unites all of us: Trust and Loyalty to our commitment. We study this philosophy and we develop it together in a conscious and structured well. Each member of our team, since starting this job, has had to study this commitment and the value it is based on. Trust and Loyalty are not simply words for our team. They are not simple ideals either. These are sacred words that express our strong beliefs. We refer to these values each and every day during our meetings, when we are concentrated on our jobs, or when we planning new actions. Trust and Loyalty mean for us that ethical values are in the first place; that we take care of each other inside the team; that we consider our allies as a priority and we want to invest our energy in helping them grow; and of course that we feel love for our investors and want to devote all our best efforts to represent a gain in value for them.

One member of the team is essential for us. The Cook. In GCA we have a complex structure. Behind a set of departments, there is one place where big ideas and partnerships are conceived and born: the Kitchen. The Kitchen is space or pure innovation and new challenges. This is where GCA develops and makes its self bigger and stronger everyday. Here all kinds of new value and solutions are born. As any kitchen, one role here is fundamental, the role of the Cook. The position of the Cook represents expertise and vast experience in global business. To be the Cook one must be a professional with experiential knowledge on a diversity of markets, but also one must love cooking. The Cook is not the boss in traditional terms. The Cook never gives orders. The Cook is one strategic node in our network who brings life to a vision for the future, who unites the team and who helps the team navigate to where the team wants and can go. The position and role of the Cook is one of the greatest innovations of GCA in terms of administration and project management and this position is a key part of our modern liquid hierarchy. One thing is awesome about the position of the Cook. The Cook refers usually to one member of the team, our Lead Business Developer, however, any member or investor in GCA notices soon that the position of the Cook is so flexible that anybody can become a leader. We all say we cook. We all can enter the Kitchen and cook. The Cook is part of each of us. And we are part of the Cook. We all are the Cook.

This team is an example of true unity. It is conformed by the strongest believers who, having internalized the vision of the Alliance, transform vision into concrete action for the benefit of our partners and our community of investors. The team is the human machinery that makes the dream come true. Being a member of the team represents a great honor and a high level of responsibility. Being a member of the team means that you believe in what you do and how Blockchain technologies and our services can help our world become a much better place. We are solution makers. We are a new frontier in technology.

We are Blockchain.

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