Genesis of Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) and the very first ERC777 token: CALL

Being an entrepreneur with an amazing, viable and promising project for the Blockchain in your hands, is one thing. Being able to organize a team in an efficient and scientific way, to deploy all your decentralized code on the Blockchain, to implement all the security layers needed for your project, to meet all national and international legal requirements, to devote time to the creation of all the graphic arts and publicity strategies, to maintain control of all the business development processes and even of the mental health of the leaders and the team for the sake of the realization of your amazing, viable and promising project; is a totally different thing.

The Blockchain is about to become 10 years old and it has changed. It started with Bitcoin in 2009. BTC Blockchain was only a public ledger to manage a coin. It was not built to compute all kinds of problems. However subsequent Blockchains, starting with Ethereum Network, did become super computers capable of running any kind of code. In 2013 Ethereum transformed the Blockchain into a distributed cloud, a world super computer at the service of all humankind.

Right now the Blockchain is the latest and most powerful technological revolution in XXI Century. Running a business from the Blockchain has become the biggest dream of the Century for millions of business creators. However, the technology is not easy to master and the logic of decentralized businesses is not easy to grasp either. Most entrepreneurs with a valuable project do not have all the knowledge, tools and experience to make it real. Professional help has become an urgent need.

A new Blockchain project usually requires the assistance of a team of professionals. Experts in computation and coders will always be essential, but entrepreneurs need more services created under the logic of the Blockchain providing assessment and assistance: lawyers specialized in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, business developers, marketing specialists, linguists and writers, all kinds of engineers, scientists, doctors and health professionals, organizational psychologists, mental health consultants, accountants, graphic designers and art experts, as well as an infinite number of masters of other sorts.

Aiming to help new Crypto-business developers face all the complexity of creating and maintaining a Crypto-project, the Global Crypto Alliance has been established as a decentralized organization formed by teams of qualified experts who provide a full stack of professional services to help people around the globe implement their projects through the Blockchain.


The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) is an international decentralized organization composed of three organs of distributed governance: Services, Network Members, and one legal Limited Liability Company that serves as a bridge between the decentralized structure of GCA and centralized governments and institutions in each country. Each one of these three organs is a node in itself independent, decentralized, and comprised of an internal complex structure. None of the organs governs the others and as such they work as Allies.

The GCA offers to the entire Cryptoverse a wide variety of professional services — GC Services — related to organizational development, legalities and technical aspects. This decentralized Alliance is currently composed of six initial services: GC Legal, GC Security, GC Registry, GC Marketing, GC Organizational Engineering and GC Mind. More and more services are being prepared right now and will be launched very soon.

GCA has also deployed and implemented its own cryptocurrency to fuel its GC Services: CALL token, the first token ever created under the ERC777 standard. The technology of ERC777 was proposed by renowned Ethereum developers Jodi Baylina, Jacques Dafflon and Thomas Shababi this year. And recently GCA has deployed the smart contract of CALL token on the Ethereum Mainnet as the first token of this modern standard. This token is ready for distribution and adoption as a cryptocurrency of the next generation.

CALL token implements new futuristic advantages: capacity to work with advanced programs called operators that work like intelligent bots; backwards compatibility with any ERC20 wallet — even Exchanges’ wallets — ; updatability of token functions — which also helps to avoid swaps — ; increased security that includes an intelligent system that prevents tokens from getting locked in insecure contracts; latest advanced DApp-friendly features; newest philosophy of genuine full control of accounts for token holders — CALL gives complete control to holders even of incoming transactions — ; capacity to execute 255 payments in one transaction; and immutable Total Supply locked at 777 million tokens forever.

The Global Crypto Alliance has the objective to work for the development of Blockchain technologies and for massive adoption of these technologies and of all Cryptos. The Alliance has the aim of making business development easier and more manageable for all the new people creating solutions on the Blockchain. GCA has the firm belief that Blockchain technologies and modern decentralized financial systems can bring immense benefit for millions and millions of people around the globe and puts teams of professionals at the disposal of anybody in need of help in order to give full support to all the positive Cryptos of the world. GCA’s native currency CALL token will be the primary form of payment for all GC Services.

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