GCA Departments

GCA is split in different departments with specialists for each. As we are not only focusing on our own growth, we can also help YOU with our knowledge. As we built the first ERC777 smart contract ever, we can even support you to migrate your ERC20 token to the newest and most secure standard. Get in touch with us: [email protected]


GCA’s New(s) Broadcast System that allows Crypto Projects as well authors to boost their reach while providing the cryptosphere with up-to-date news and a selection of curated original content.

Authors will be rewarded by the readers.
Proofreaders will be rewarded for lecturing.
Readers/subscribers will be rewarded for reading.

The FUEL for the rewards is our cutting edge technology CALL token. The first ERC777 token ever deployed!

Check it out how YOU can benefit immediately from GCNEWS.io


Our distinguished team of security experts is specialized in search for 0-day vulnerabilities, ethical hacking and blockchain technologie. Additionally, they can develop tokens customized to projects’ needs and ready-to-use smart contracts that could even meet the newest, recommended ERC777 base standard for a suite of Interoperable Security Token Standards (ERC1400).


Our team strives to support crypto-based projects from all over the world and help make crypto easy for everybody.  To aid in resolving confusion and mitigating headache caused by unnecessary calculations related to time, one of GCA’s very own has invented a new time zone, Global Crypto Time [GCT]™.

Projects, exchanges, communities, the whole Cryptoworld can now be synced in time all around the globe!


GlobalCryptoNews.io is our core department/unit. At GCNews.io we bring together Authors and Readers and both will be rewarded with CALL Tokens, the first ERC777 token ever!

As a Crypto News Portal, we are bringing pertinent information to the crypto community in a methodical way and that represents a solid source of objective, up-to-the-minute knowledge on everything blockchain.



Marketing for cryptocurrencies is a special kind of cookie. We have gathered a team of experienced professionals in the crypto marketing field to mature any project into full bloom status, and provide a new kick to and fresh perspective on promotional strategies regarding certain facets of projects.

Use our Team to upgrade your project as well! [email protected]


Legal is often still a big ? in our industrie. As we faced many questions in regards to location, laws, taxes etc. we have built a network of our own lawyers as well partners. Therefor today we can offer legal consultation to projects from inception to incorporation to meet the requirements of the crypto legal international framework. Provide legal support to establishing projects as well as already incorporated and developed crypto businesses.

Ask a lawyer! [email protected]