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If you are a company owner or an entrepreneur worried about the future of your business and virtualization, and if you are asking yourself what Blockchain and the proper token can do for your business, you are reading the right article, then. This is, however, the second one of three articles exploring Blockchain technology, Ethereum Network and specially the first ERC777 cryptocurrency ever created on top of the Blockchain, CALL token, and the advantages that this modern digital cash can represent for your business.

CALL token is a radically innovative cryptocurrency if compared to previous types of digital currencies as old coins and other tokens.

The Global Crypto Alliance’s token provides more controllability of currency accounts to users and chooses a deflationary monetary model by locking its maximum amount of CALL to much less that 1 billion tokens. All these functions are clearly of extraordinary benefit for business developers. And they deserve to be reviewed in detail.

Before dismantling CALL’s characteristics and analyzing their potential, however, any cryptocurrency user will inevitably ask us one vital question.

If CALL’s contract uses the totally new ERC777 standard for deploying radically advanced tokens, is it even possible that regular exchanges can accept this token and can integrate it to their systems?

Moreover, is it possible for regular users to perform transactions from regular Ethereum wallets using CALL?

The answers to these two interrogations are yes and yes. Thanks to inherent properties of the ERC777 standard, CALL token is 100% backwards compatibility with the old ERC20 standard that all exchanges and all Ethereum wallets are programmed to manage. 

This means, in general, that all exchanges and wallets who are working with ERC20 tokens will have no problem with our ERC777 token, CALL, and will not have to perform any adjustment to be able to store CALL or to transact with CALL

The backwards compatibility is a unique feature of this radically new Ethereum technology.

One pause. At this precise stage in this series, one thing would be unforgivable and also a terrible pity, not to make a valuable reference to the three outstanding Ethereum developers whose dedication of years to the sciences of Computation and Software, and whose concern on all the severe problems that previous token standards had had, became the powerful inspiration and motivation to create a modern futuristic new convention that enables the creation of truly intelligent currencies and contracts.

Jordi Baylina

Blockchain developer, Ethereum fan, white hat hacker and Catalonia Freedom fighter.

Jordi Baylina

Software engineer, blockchain​ dev

Jordi Baylina, Jacques Dafflon, and Thomas Shababi are the three scientists who have proposed the triple seven standard. 

In July 2018, Baylina “stated that the token standard would soon enter the last call stage of development, and that he expected it to be finalized sometime in August”. GCA deployed CALL token simultaneously. Baylina, Dafflon and Shababi have insisted in their believe in decentralized currencies and in curing the illnesses of older tokens. They had the dream to create a token standard that helps tokens think by themselves and prevent more losses of millions of dollars like those that have happened in the past.

One concrete example of the new solutions CALL brings is the new level of control users will have over transactions. A holder of CALL token enjoys the option of “authorizing” or “revoking” a transaction, a feature that has never existed before. In ERC20, you are forced to receive money from anybody who wants to send tokens to your account. Even from an undesirable (or even evil) sender. In the case of CALL token, you can program CALL’s smart contract to reject transactions from specific addresses.

This will prove very important for any type of business. A business administrator might discover malicious pseudo-clients, and might want to create a black list of dangerous people with whom he/she does not want to conduct businesses. Nobody can be forced to conduct businesses with a second party that cannot be trusted. CALL token incorporates the possibility to exclude dubious addresses from one’s business processes. This is part of the increased security measures that CALL introduces to crypto-markets.

One more security innovation that we should mention is the functionality that prevents tokens from resulting irremediably locked up in decentralized exchanges or in smart contracts, as it used to happen in the past. So far, many popular tokens have reported millions of dollars in losses because of this kind of errors. ERC20 tokens are particularly weak in this respect. ERC777 solves this problem by improving the functions related to withdrawals whose target is a smart contract, and by analyzing the functions of the smart contract before the withdrawal is executed. CALL token, when being commanded to move funds towards an address that belongs to a smart contract (like the smart contract of an exchange, for example), before executing the transaction of transferring funds, analyzes the functionality of the contract to which it is expected to move the funds. If that contract is not equipped with the proper functions to manage the tokens, CALL recognizes the weakness of the contract and automatically rejects the transaction protecting the user and preventing fund losses. No other token standard includes this mechanism.

Security is the aspect that many business developers worry the most about. This is why, CALL token has invested a great deal of time improving it. One more example of security measures that business managers will appreciate is the property that no single person is capable to access the smart contract of CALL token and update it by him/her self; CALL’s smart contract is accessible only from a secure multi-signature account. This means a group of responsible developers would all have to agree about improvements and reach a decentralized consensus in order to update or expand the functionality of CALL token, in case that any changes were to be implemented. This represents a robust degree of security and transparency for the future.

We cannot mention in a couple of articles all the one thousand disruptive properties that ERC777 and CALL display. But, there is one that any company that plans to launch services from the Blockchain must know: CALL’s DApp-friendly features. As we mentioned in the first article, one thing is the computer programs that you have in the super cloud of the Blockchain, the smart contract; and a very different thing is the applications that you see and use in your computer or smart device that let you connect with the Blockchain and participate in a business. This difference is crucial. You can have an awesome code on the Blockchain capable of doing great stuff but incapable of interacting nicely with DApps on people’s devices. This is not the case for ERC777 and CALL. Functions of CALL token are easy to request from DApss. One single example is the inclusion of the same kind of function Ether uses when sending coins, that enables the sending of information about a transaction together with the data of destination and amount. With CALL token, you can receive or send money that includes details about the transaction. This might look like a very basic function for a business person, but it was not possible to integrate this function on the Blockchain for tokens until this year.

CALL token by GCA is the first ERC777 token.
ERC777 standard defines a new way to interact with a Token Contract. 

This standard was taking advantage of ERC820 which was not in a final status last months. Taking this important point into consideration, we decided to don’t distribute or sell CALL token waiting for final Status of ERC777 and its ERC dependencies.

ERC820 standard defined a universal registry smart contract where any address (contract or regular account) can register which interface it implements and which smart contract is responsible for its implementation.This 820 standard keeps backwards compatibility with EIP-165
Recently, ERC1820 has superseded ERC820 and ERC1820 will be switched as Final Status in the coming weeks.
ERC777 and CALL Token will use final ERC1820 for its implementation.

ERC1820 fixes the incompatibility in the ERC165 logic which was introduced by the Solidity 0.5 update.
You may have a look at the official announcement, and the comments about the bug and the fix.
Apart from this fix, ERC1820 is functionally equivalent to ERC820.

The Smart Contract of CALL token will be soon updated with Final ERC777 and ERC1820. A new Smart Contract for CALL will be redeployed by GCA. Waiting that step, none existing token will be distributed or sold. An announcement will be done in coming weeks when this step will be done. That will be an important Milestone for the project.

Please follow GCA / GlobalCryptoAlliance on Twitter, Telegram, Discord to be kept in touch with our progress, using icons below.

Warmest Regards,
GCA Team

Are you a company owner or an entrepreneur launching a new business, and asking yourself if Blockchain is for you or even looking for the right asset to rely on? 

Well, then, this is an article exclusively for you. This is the first one of three articles exploring Blockchain technology, Ethereum Network and specially the first ERC777 token cryptocurrency ever created on top of Ethereum, CALL token, and the advantages that this modern decentralized cash system can represent for your business.

Since this is article #1, let’s not start yet with what the ERC777 CALL token is, or with those reasons why you will want to fuel your business with CALL.

Let’s assume this is the first time you study about the Blockchain and start from the very birth of Crypto. 

In the beginning Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin and the Blockchain. That was the Big Bang of Decentralization, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the grandfather of all cryptos. It implemented for the first time in history the possibility to store value on an electronic public ledger and to perform transactions involving value from peer to peer, without the assistance of any kind of third parties.

Bitcoin’s legacy was the technology of the Blockchain, a new kind of distributed digital cloud capable of storing coins and of keeping unhackable records of people’s cash savings and of all payment transactions since the creation of the first coin. Bitcoin was born in January 2009.

 In 2013, a brilliant young kid named  Buterin Vitalik who had studied the mathematical and technological bases of Bitcoin, proposed a brand new advancement: why not create a new kind of Blockchain that could also run computer programs inside the decentralized network instead of limiting ourselves to use this technology merely to manage coins?

Vitalik found help in more developers and his idea conducted to the creation of the first Blockchain capable of running computer programs on top of the Blockchain; the name of this unprecedented Blockchain is Ethereum, a global network of computers forming one supercomputer.

Basically, a Blockchain is a supercomputer whose hardware is alive and can evolve to a huge size of thousands of times the dimensions of Google, Facebook or any other machine in the planet. This hardware is not in one specific geographical location, but distributed all over the world. In Vitalik’s words, Ethereum Network is “the fabric for a kind of new Internet infrastructure”, an amazing new kind of World Wide Web. By implementing decentralized computing power in real world, Ethereum gave birth also to a new kind of decentralized software that could be used to run small, medium-sized and big businesses in an autonomous way without a central authority to be in permanent control: “smart contracts”.

A smart contract is a computer program capable of computing any kind of the commonly known functions we see in applications on computers, smartphones or tablets.

These special computer programs are used, nonetheless, mostly to function as arbitrators between two people —or two parties— who want to transact with each other or who need to establish an agreement, being specially efficient for those cases in which the transaction or agreement involves the need of the two parties to trust each other and when the transaction between the two parties involves money. 

The smart contract allows the two parties to transact without any kind of intervention of a third party offering the highest level of security and trustworthiness.

A smart contract is a software living inside the Blockchain. It can do the job of a company’s managers, or the job of decision makers at a bank or even the job of a government. These are third parties who intervene when two people want to agree on things and do business. The Blockchain eliminates the subjectivity and in-transparency of these trusted third parties.

Smart contracts nowadays are used typically to exchange money, shares or anything of value like any piece of property. But they are developing in a way that, in the near future, even big projects and corporations could be run by sets of interconnected smart contracts working as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Blockchain can take care of big businesses while humans become creators and dedicate to developing.

If you are a code developer or if you learn how to write a computer program, you could create an application that runs in your own computer, or in your smartphone or tablet, designed exclusively to interact with Ethereum Blockchain’s smart contracts.

An application of this kind is what we call a “Decentralized Application” or a “DApp“.

You can have, for example, a smart contract that controls an entire business —even a big company— in an automatic and autonomous way from the inside of the Ethereum Blockchain. And you can also have, away from the Blockchain, thousands of people using a DApp installed in their computers to connect to that smart contract in order to participate in the business.

The smart contract would have all the business logic and rules to make correct, transparent and totally objective decisions. The thousands of users of the system could be service providers (like executives or employees of a company) on one side, and clients on the other side. Since the smart contracts are AI that runs the business from within the Blockchain and not from a centralized computer system, neither the company nor the clients can tamper with the system or hack it; hence, the level of trust both parties enjoy is the highest ever conceived for an electronic system.

Well, so far we have been able to explain that Bitcoin gave us the first Blockchain and that it was capable only of managing digital money. We also reviewed details about Ethereum Blockchain, the Blockchain 2.0 which is actually a super computer capable of storing and running these programs called “smart contracts”. Fine. This is very exciting.

But, what about the so called “tokens”, as CALL token, the first ERC777 token?


And what is the advantage of using an ERC777 token instead of other tokens?

Well, this question is the main topic of our series of three articles. And now we are ready to articulate a fine answer. In the following paragraphs we’ll review what coins and tokens are, and why a token can be an extremely convenient business solution, in order to prepare our minds to comprehend the technical details of CALL token that we will see in articles #2 and #3.

2# – PART II: Why I want the Ethereum’s triple seven!


While you study the Blockchain and the way cryptocurrencies operate, you will find two common types of currencies: coins and tokens.

You will hear people say that Bitcoin and Ethereum are coins, and that CALL is a token.

What's the difference and why would you choose a token to run your business?

In simple terms, both, coins and tokens are digital money based on a open, public, global, decentralized and censorship-resistant ledger. Both are money. However, a coin is an asset that fuels a Blockchain while a token is a smart contract on top of a Blockchain, like Ethereum Network.

A coin is made for a very general purpose in most cases: to fuel its Blockchain and to gain value. In the case of a token, on the contrary, since it is a program, you can adjust it to behave in a way that is more suitable for a specific business. 

In most cases, when you are creating a token, you consider all the characteristics you want in your token for it to provide best support for some kind of businesses, then you deploy your customized token in the Ethereum Network and it stays static —impossible to modify— forever. So you create a coin adjusted for the logic of the super computer and you create tokens adjusted to the logic of some sort of businesses.

CALL token is one of a kind.

Unlike all ERC20 tokens, CALL is a non-static token. CALL token was created and launched by the Global Crypto Alliance very recently in August 2018. CALL token is the only ERC20-fully-compatible token that offers the possibility to add new code and new functionality even after having been deployed to Ethereum Blockchain.

CALL token is already running on the Blockchain and it already represents value. But, we can add new features to it according to the needs of the new businesses of the future. Business developers will find this property as immensely valuable, since CALL token will be able to evolve in the future according to the needs of the many businesses that it will sustain.

It is clear, then, that a token might be a better option to run a very specific business with particular requirements since tokens are customized programs. And it is also evident that, among tokens.

And it is also evident that, among tokens, CALL token is amazingly outstanding for business development since its functionality can evolve in order to fit in future ecosystems and to solve future new needs.without a need of a SWAP.

Being an entrepreneur with an amazing, viable and promising project for the Blockchain in your hands, is one thing. Being able to organize a team in an efficient and scientific way, to deploy all your decentralized code on the Blockchain, to implement all the security layers needed for your project, to meet all national and international legal requirements, to devote time to the creation of all the graphic arts and publicity strategies, to maintain control of all the business development processes and even of the mental health of the leaders and the team for the sake of the realization of your amazing, viable and promising project; is a totally different thing.

The Blockchain is about to become 10 years old and it has changed. It started with Bitcoin in 2009. BTC Blockchain was only a public ledger to manage a coin. It was not built to compute all kinds of problems. However subsequent Blockchains, starting with Ethereum Network, did become super computers capable of running any kind of code. In 2013 Ethereum transformed the Blockchain into a distributed cloud, a world super computer at the service of all humankind.

Right now the Blockchain is the latest and most powerful technological revolution in XXI Century. Running a business from the Blockchain has become the biggest dream of the Century for millions of business creators. However, the technology is not easy to master and the logic of decentralized businesses is not easy to grasp either. Most entrepreneurs with a valuable project do not have all the knowledge, tools and experience to make it real. Professional help has become an urgent need.

A new Blockchain project usually requires the assistance of a team of professionals. Experts in computation and coders will always be essential, but entrepreneurs need more services created under the logic of the Blockchain providing assessment and assistance: lawyers specialized in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, business developers, marketing specialists, linguists and writers, all kinds of engineers, scientists, doctors and health professionals, organizational psychologists, mental health consultants, accountants, graphic designers and art experts, as well as an infinite number of masters of other sorts.

Aiming to help new Crypto-business developers face all the complexity of creating and maintaining a Crypto-project, the Global Crypto Alliance has been established as a decentralized organization formed by teams of qualified experts who provide a full stack of professional services to help people around the globe implement their projects through the Blockchain.


The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) is an international decentralized organization composed of three organs of distributed governance: Services, Network Members, and one legal Limited Liability Company that serves as a bridge between the decentralized structure of GCA and centralized governments and institutions in each country. Each one of these three organs is a node in itself independent, decentralized, and comprised of an internal complex structure. None of the organs governs the others and as such they work as Allies.

The GCA offers to the entire Cryptoverse a wide variety of professional services — GC Services — related to organizational development, legalities and technical aspects. This decentralized Alliance is currently composed of six initial services: GC Legal, GC Security, GC Registry, GC Marketing, GC Organizational Engineering and GC Mind. More and more services are being prepared right now and will be launched very soon.

GCA has also deployed and implemented its own cryptocurrency to fuel its GC Services: CALL token, the first token ever created under the ERC777 standard. The technology of ERC777 was proposed by renowned Ethereum developers Jodi Baylina, Jacques Dafflon and Thomas Shababi this year. And recently GCA has deployed the smart contract of CALL token on the Ethereum Mainnet as the first token of this modern standard. This token is ready for distribution and adoption as a cryptocurrency of the next generation.

CALL token implements new futuristic advantages: capacity to work with advanced programs called operators that work like intelligent bots; backwards compatibility with any ERC20 wallet — even Exchanges’ wallets — ; updatability of token functions — which also helps to avoid swaps — ; increased security that includes an intelligent system that prevents tokens from getting locked in insecure contracts; latest advanced DApp-friendly features; newest philosophy of genuine full control of accounts for token holders — CALL gives complete control to holders even of incoming transactions — ; capacity to execute 255 payments in one transaction; and immutable Total Supply locked at 777 million tokens forever.

The Global Crypto Alliance has the objective to work for the development of Blockchain technologies and for massive adoption of these technologies and of all Cryptos. The Alliance has the aim of making business development easier and more manageable for all the new people creating solutions on the Blockchain. GCA has the firm belief that Blockchain technologies and modern decentralized financial systems can bring immense benefit for millions and millions of people around the globe and puts teams of professionals at the disposal of anybody in need of help in order to give full support to all the positive Cryptos of the world. GCA’s native currency CALL token will be the primary form of payment for all GC Services.

Any Crypto project gives you some concrete product at least a coin or a token. Every project also promises to you at least some fancy razzle-dazzle for the future. But, observing projects’ strategies carefully makes them fall into two psycho-categories: those who concentrate more on delivering developments and those who sell promising ideas.


Both components are indispensable: the real one and the ethereal one. However, some teams concentrate the Psychological approach of their marketing strategy on the real component. Their emphasis is on delivering. On the other hand, many projects prefer to sell ideas or prophesies. In GCA we have been the kind of Team who cooks and delivers.


An honest observation of basic Crypto Psychology, nonetheless, leads us to a very curious fact: in Crypto, in general it seems to be a lot easier to get people to invest in ideas —in promises— than having the same people invest in actual delivering or in the real state of the art. In other words, people seem to be more willing to invest massively in fantasy than in actual delivered advancement. One sees many cases in which there is a lot of hype only during the long period when the project is merely promises.


In GCA we have adhered to a solid delivering paradigm. We are proud to say it. We prefer to deliver than to promise. In the past, we have seen amazing success with our paradigm. For us, it’s natural. It’s in our DNA. However, we could sometimes take a second to remember that the majority of investors in the market exhibit preference for the opposite Psychology.


Why have we been able to moon even with our delivering paradigm? Are we maybe stimulating some secret Psychology in people’s brains? I believe it could be fruitful for us to reflect a little about our reverse Psychology and find out how we manage to do the magic. I believe this identity makes us unique and outstanding. I hope we never change.

Crypto is a handsome little baby in its rocking cradle displaying big round eyes that observe and learn about the surrounding world.

Crypto is a novelty in human history. It’s a new reality. A new universe with its own set of hidden natural rules. We know that this baby is genetically a marvel, born to revolutionize the logic and mechanics of huge industries and life style. This is true. But it is also true that discovering the set of rules and finding the correct paths to the revolution will not be precisely like eating a delicious piece of sweet pie. Since Crypto is a new cosmos, it implies the rebirth and reconsideration of uncountable cosmologies.

The history of politics and of all idealisms seems to be starting all over again, from the ideal egalitarian distribution of the power amongst peoples just as ancient Greeks practiced it at their public Agora, to the most vertical style of Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan. An urgent need to test every single idiosyncrasy prevails in Crypto Psychology now. Every Crypto emerges more or less like an isolated tribe. As every other one, each single tribe has its own symbols, beliefs and ceremonies. And, above all, each adopts one political philosophy. This is why all Cryptos begin with an existential crisis: absolute democracy or corporative verticality.

Most end up choosing some point in between the two poles.

Which direction would be better for a Global Crypto Alliance dedicated to bringing unity to many Cryptos, and to massive adoption of Cryptos: left or right? 

GCA has found that the right direction is a must when you pretend to build an organization of organizations. 

You cannot implement and ideal community-driven perfect democracy for the management of an organization that can contain many communities in itself. The very objective of the Alliance imposes a paradigm. From the perspective of a Global Alliance, the North and South poles of Crypto-politics are clearly visible and understandable.

Which direction would be better for a Global Crypto Alliance dedicated to bringing unity to many Cryptos, and to massive adoption of Cryptos: left or right? GCA has found that the right direction is a must when you pretend to build an organization of organizations. You cannot implement and ideal community-driven perfect democracy for the management of an organization that can contain many communities in itself. The very objective of the Alliance imposes a paradigm. From the perspective of a Global Alliance, the North and South poles of Crypto-politics are clearly visible and understandable. Inside GCA we welcome projects in all possible points of the spectrum. Thus, we appreciate them all.
What’s are the pros and cons of the community-driven constitution? History of politics and of all the idea of living in order have given us States, governments, institutions and control. Some philosophers would say our whole history translates into the evolution of Surveiller et punir —Surveillance and punishment— by third parties. Others would explain our centralized social conditions as an arrangement for the control and exploitation of these third parties against the masses. Community-driven Cryptos are born as attempts made by some groups to undertake entrepreneurship without any central authority: a true government for the people by the people. The possibility of fair distribution of power and profit represents a huge motivation here.
In a democratic community the ideal is everyone has a voice. Putting this into practice, however, has nothing to do with paradise. A perfect socialism can end up as a massive and hysteric anarchism too, because it never happens that all members of the community have the same opinions and intentions. Communities tend to divide into many forces. So, if you eliminate completely the presence of a central authority, all opinions and all forces are equally valid and must be taken into account. No power should prevail. A community-driven project has to face the danger of becoming chaotic and dysfunctional specially if democracy is not relativized and redefined. Some community projects get to impressive results. However, none of them does it by taking a radical left. Most communities even contradict themselves by depositing power in the hands of a few —the devs or some admins—.
On the other side,
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the business-model in Crypto projects?
Businesses are run by a small group of people who —ideally— have a brilliant career in business, in IT, in science or in some professional field. A good business team are not first-timers. The team knows what it is doing. It also assumes legal responsibility and accountability. And in most cases, as a serious team, they register as a company or as a formal organization before a legal government internationally recognized. This implies they promise to obey laws and pay taxes. All this does not mean that there is no community at all. In many cases, business-driven Cryptos maintain huge communities. Each of those can develop a particular culture with plenty of activities and support from their leading team. Interaction with devs and admins can be equally close and intense, but it is perceived by the community more as a special service from the organization and not as power on the hands of the many. Top hierarchies place themselves under legal and financial pressure. Administration must be transparent and accounting systems must be professional. Here, a Crypto project behaves as a business and the pursue of profit is above democratic idealism. Some investors feel more secure in this kind of corporate structure knowing that legal authorities protect their interests and that a professional team is in charge.
A business, like any other business, can be a scam too. Scam does not necessarily mean crime or criminal. There is a difference and sometimes honest investors lose thousands of dollars because of this difference. It is well known that some companies launch an ICO, sell tokens and, after that, they do not continue working. After collecting millions of dollars in the very first stage, they lose interest in investing that money in the business. So, they just take the initial funds and go away. Of course, not all cases are so critical. But one has to be very careful about intentions. Investors have to learn how to read between the lines to see if the team is really going to be there for the long term and also to understand if objectives are achievable or if they are only mere fantasy. One must never forget that if a legal company sells fantasy to you in an open and transparent way, later you can’t defend yourself. You were offered fantasy and you accepted fantasy and payed for it consciously. This is a dirty trick that bad companies can use.
Are good criteria, then, totally inexistent for a new project to decide about their existential identity at the beginning? Choosing left or right is just a product of a capricious feeling or of an obsession? Well, it depends. But from the point of view of Global Crypto Alliance, there is some objective and impartial criteria that could be followed in many cases. It has to do with basic Math. It starts with a question about probabilities: what are the odds that the nature of the project facilitates the emergence of multiple political poles or many forces in the inside of the new project? This could also be seen as a question about complexity. Higher complexity imposes higher levels of centralization to obtain efficiency at the lowest possible cost. If the project is extremely simple, then democracy might be a good option.
GCA discovered this Mathematical function since we began. Our main objective is to unite with many other Cryptos, to work together in partnership and to grow together. In very short time we can have an active network of communities and projects made up of hundreds of thousands of very different people. We need a centralized solid structure with maximum degree of legality and of management and administration. Business model is our only

A regular day at Global Crypto Alliance (GCA)

Starts at every hour, because every 60 minutes the sun rises in one city of the Earth. The day starts with a network of professionals entangled in intense action. With one dev in Portugal implementing computing code for a new function for CALL Wallet, then with this dev CALLing the whole team with a question:

Hi, guys! We have new fans from Tokyo in main channel making questions in Japanese”, an then with five Admins rushing to give help from all over the world: England, Vietnam, France, Costa Rica and USA, while main Cook indicates form Germany Let’s not forget to serve the special dish we have for Japanese friends!. This scene can be happening ten or twenty times simultaneously in one minute. It’s all about people in action working for a global community and for our partners, worrying about investors and making their best efforts to be sure that thousands of loyal holders of CALL around the world are having a good experience.

Who compose the CALL team?

Computer Scientists, Programmers, Lawyers, Doctors. Business Administrators, Marketing Analysts, Translators, Psychologists, Nurses. Art Designers and many more experts. The team is composed by a group of dozens of professionals who put their expertise together at the services of the main objetives of holders of CALL and of allies who integrate GCA: the massive adoption of Cryptocurrency throughout the world as well as the development of Blockchain technologies

Why such a variety of specialties?

 The world of Crypto is complex. Cryptocurrencies do not only serve the purpose of “having a price” in dollars or in satoshis for people to be able to trade them and try to profit. CALL is not a token with such narrow vision either. Crypto exists to become of help for human life; in the case of GCA it is stated as a clear main objetive: “designing and implementing innovative technological solutions on the blockchain”. To be able to invent and create solutions, we need professionals from all fields and from all countries and cultures of around our planet. We know no frontiers. Our country is the Earth. Our nation is the Blockchain. What is the regular job of the team? To be in the front line of the attention of thousands of investors who seek for help. To be at disposal of partners of the Alliance to help them accomplish their own objetives. To study and do research about latest advancements in Crypto. To create innovative ideas and solutions that can help people through the use of modern technology. This is what a regular member of our team does day by day.

In respect to the business model followed by GCA, the team has a basic hierarchy where roles and goals are clear for team mates while keeping, nonetheless, a notable space of liberty that stimulates creativity and personal initiative. In GCA the member negotiates with the Alliance his own roles and GCA will always try to let the member occupy the position where he feels he can exploits his talents and can experiment motivation. This results in a kind of liquid hierarchy which is, in its self, unique and extraordinarily efficient for stimulation of creativity and development. Just as the work environment of famous giant super IT companies were considered a surprising innovation a decade ago; in this moment of history, at the end of the second decade of XXI century, our liquid hierarchy is the frontier on innovation. Liquid hierarchy stimulates even more innovation and growth.

Each member of our team starts working at CGA after having demonstrated excellency in one or usually more fields. The member is also expected to show willingness to participate in the production of new ideas and proposals. Each member should contribute to generation of novelty not only in his area but in any area. Any team member will naturally have a unique role and specific tasks. Our team has a moto: “We are Blockchain”. This means we are citizens of one new planetary nation, the Blockchain. As such, one thing put us all together, Internet. We have several windows through which we live together day by day and maintain our work environment. Like in any job, there are agendas, meetings, daily duties and lots of action. While a group works in a new marketing strategy, another could be dedicated to coding and yet another could be concentrated in generating value for one of our partners. One task, however, never stops: admin service at the Main Channel of GCA, where most of our investors come everyday to hear the news, to ask questions or give us comments, of just to say “Hi!”.9)69bA . For a member of our team, this point of interaction with our community is one of the most important treasures of GCA and CALL. Being able to be work for our investors here is an honor and a real pleasure.

What is GCA in the mind of a team member?

There is one sentence that team mates repeat daily while working: This is the job of my dreams! In GCA work is hard. It is not strange to have days where some team members sleep only 4 or even 3 hours per night. The expert of graphic design could have days of work of 20 hours. A dev could literally have almost no sleep for weeks. The Admins could be in the Main Channel for many days with minimum rest. These are only representative examples. Many more members are working in their positions at every minute. But one single spirit unites all of us: Trust and Loyalty to our commitment. We study this philosophy and we develop it together in a conscious and structured well. Each member of our team, since starting this job, has had to study this commitment and the value it is based on. Trust and Loyalty are not simply words for our team. They are not simple ideals either. These are sacred words that express our strong beliefs. We refer to these values each and every day during our meetings, when we are concentrated on our jobs, or when we planning new actions. Trust and Loyalty mean for us that ethical values are in the first place; that we take care of each other inside the team; that we consider our allies as a priority and we want to invest our energy in helping them grow; and of course that we feel love for our investors and want to devote all our best efforts to represent a gain in value for them.

One member of the team is essential for us. The Cook. In GCA we have a complex structure. Behind a set of departments, there is one place where big ideas and partnerships are conceived and born: the Kitchen. The Kitchen is space or pure innovation and new challenges. This is where GCA develops and makes its self bigger and stronger everyday. Here all kinds of new value and solutions are born. As any kitchen, one role here is fundamental, the role of the Cook. The position of the Cook represents expertise and vast experience in global business. To be the Cook one must be a professional with experiential knowledge on a diversity of markets, but also one must love cooking. The Cook is not the boss in traditional terms. The Cook never gives orders. The Cook is one strategic node in our network who brings life to a vision for the future, who unites the team and who helps the team navigate to where the team wants and can go. The position and role of the Cook is one of the greatest innovations of GCA in terms of administration and project management and this position is a key part of our modern liquid hierarchy. One thing is awesome about the position of the Cook. The Cook refers usually to one member of the team, our Lead Business Developer, however, any member or investor in GCA notices soon that the position of the Cook is so flexible that anybody can become a leader. We all say we cook. We all can enter the Kitchen and cook. The Cook is part of each of us. And we are part of the Cook. We all are the Cook.

This team is an example of true unity. It is conformed by the strongest believers who, having internalized the vision of the Alliance, transform vision into concrete action for the benefit of our partners and our community of investors. The team is the human machinery that makes the dream come true. Being a member of the team represents a great honor and a high level of responsibility. Being a member of the team means that you believe in what you do and how Blockchain technologies and our services can help our world become a much better place. We are solution makers. We are a new frontier in technology.

We are Blockchain.

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23rd April 2018
The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) is an international decentralized institution formed to address several major issues in the budding and briskly growing blockchain industry, including but not limited to trust in organizations, education for the more general population and not-sotechnical individuals, and barriers to entry, as well as for the development of new technology and services utilizing blockchain.
The GCA consists of a team of professionals in diverse areas of blockchain computing, cryptocurrencies and IT business development, among other specialties, along with corporate partners from the industrial sector.
The main purpose is to build up a global network of organisations that are united by partnerships established with the focus on mutual collaboration to solidify trust, provide transparency, educate, and implement innovative technological solutions on the blockchain.
Our core team brings together companies based on the blockchain under one umbrella after thorough vetting and due diligence. To date, several partners have joined the GCA. Within the Ecosystem, the companies work independently and focus on their specific expertise, but also collaborate with other partners for the advancement of the Crypto world. These partners have laid a foundation for a global ecosystem capable of offering innovative services; what makes the GCA very promising for the future with more partners expected to join soon.

Three values define the philosophy of the GCA

These outline three levels, three dimensions of growth, or three stages of development, each depending on their antecedent. This is a developmental model implemented in business architecture that is conducive to innovation and the creation of value. Cooperation takes place in the form of the Alliance itself. Evolution emerges in the form of giving life day-by-day to potential new ways of collaboration with the Ecosystem partners; when we form alliances, we no longer limit ourselves in the level of cooperation we can have.
Lastly, but not least, Solutions will come in the form of very new ideas and concrete inventions that will unite the diversity of our alliance resources. With this solid philosophy of strong partnerships in the ecosystem, all working together, we can invent the best services and products based on the blockchain that will be used worldwide benefitting everybody.
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