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Compete to win your share of 100k CALL tokens worth upwards of $2000! Bounty will run from Nov 7 to Nov 27. Write as many articles or blogs as you can hyping the GCNews.io ecosystem, how exciting it will be for writers & readers to compete to earn more & more rewards, and how cool Global Crypto Alliance is. Each additional article will 2x your chances of winning (do not publish on same platform).

To better understand the GCNews.io ecosystem, watch one of the following videos:

Video 1 (english)
Video 2 (Arabic)

Publish them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, etc.
Follow both of our Twitter accounts and share them tagging Global Crypto Alliance & Global Crypto News – the more impressions, the greater your chances of winning.

10 individuals who *follow Global Crypto Alliance & Global Crypto News on Twitter* and author the top 10 best articles WILL EACH WIN 10k CALL tokens AND have their articles featured on GCNews.io by week after the CALL token begins to trade on Nov 29, 2019!

Check List

1. Set up a writer account on GCNews.io (https://globalcryptonews.io/writer-application/)

2. Write an article or post a blog and share in social media:
Medium, Facebook, Twitter, etc.Tag #gcnews_io #GlobalCryptoAlliance #erc777 IN EACH POST

3. Follow, Like, and Retweet GCA/ GCNews (@GlobalCryptoAll, @gcnews_io)

4. Submit all links of publications to [email protected] with the same ETH address that your registered with.

5. Winners will be announced before 29th of November and CALL
token prizes will then be distributed.

Good luck to all!

GCA Team

All key segment
have been release

Find the key and WIN

77,777 CALL tokens

It's bounty time here at GCA. 

We got a bit creative and are kicking things off with a fun bounty. We are giving away 77,777 CALL tokens!

There will be an ETH address chopped into segments and sent out piecemeal to the public. The first fortunate crypto enthusiast that manages to gather all 10 segments of a public key, put them in the right sequence, and then send it to [email protected] for verification will win.

You will need to scavenge our website and social media outlets for the public key fragments. They could be on an image or in a bit of text somewhere that may look out of place. Again, once the bounty hunter gathers up all the segments and puts them in the right order, they will need to send us the full public key for verification.

We are setting up a key fragment release countdown so you know when to start looking for the next part. 


6)F11d - Subscribe newsletter to ensure you get all of the 10/10 public key fragments.

Key Hunt Bounty Rules