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Pioneers having implemented ERC777 (successor to ERC20) for CALL – the fuel powering our pillars – GCA is building the foundations for quality news, engaging education, and next-level smart contract infrastructure to expand into the lucrative businesses of hotels, rentals, and enhancing the sharing economy.

Find detailed advantages of CALL below.

Operators that allow automatic and recurring payments - e.g. subscription services, monthly payments etc.

Token holders can “authorize” or “revoke” authorization for a particular smart contract by what are known as operators. These are smart contracts that can be used to manage funds. For example, they can be configured to move tokens from a vault account to one’s hot account (an account used openly and frequently) periodically. They can also be set up as an intelligent exchange manager, a cheque processor or an automatic charging system. Operators offer a special type of higher level security. For instance, one could program operators to execute withdrawals to a specific address making it invulnerable to hacking.

Compatibility with ANY ERC20 wallet and Exchanges

The ERC777 standard is backwards compatible with ERC20 accounts (MEW, MIST, MetaMask, etc.) or DApps that do not implement its advanced functions. This also means that exchanges supporting ERC20 tokens will be able to list our ERC777 token, CALL.

Upgradeable functions that allow smart contract improvements No more token swaps needed!

A token, as opposed to a coin, is basically an asset backed by a smart contract or program that runs on a blockchain As any other computer program, it contains a number of functions. Many smart contracts have the disadvantage that, after being deployed to the blockchain, they cannot be modified making it impossible to improve or add new functionality to them. Not being able to upgrade is one of the negative features that can cause tokens to lose value over time.

CALL token’s smart contract is fortunately not subjected to this limitation. It was constructed with the capability to have its functions upgradeable affording it invaluable means to have future technological advances implemented without having to go through risky and time-consuming swaps. We at the Global Crypto Alliance understand how this could be construed as a double-edged sword where a developer could execute an exploitative function. To eliminate this risk and utilize the trustlessness that blockchain tech implies, a ballot contract is being developed that will allow token holders to vote with their CALLs for any potential upgrades in the future; in effect, having community consensus approve or reject any changes to the smart contract.

It is noteworthy to also mention that CALL’s smart contract ensures that there CANNOT ever be any changes applied to its token supply.

Increased security through recognition
of unsuitable smart contracts

It has been a well known security issue in the ERC20 standard that if tokens are sent to a smart contract that aren’t suited to receive or administer them properly, they end up stuck in the smart contract forever. To date, millions of dollars worth of tokens have been reported lost because of these wretched transactions. ERC777 solves this problem by improving the functions related to withdrawals whose target is a smart contract, and by analyzing the functions of the smart contract before the withdrawal is executed.


The Very First Token Powered By ERC777

Latest advanced Dapp-friendly features

ERC777 Standard uses the same kind of function that Ether uses when sending tokens so information about the transaction with destination and amount data are included; this way the token sender can also specify details about the transaction.

Higher level of control for holders:
Option to choose with whom to transact

Both contracts and regular addresses implement a modern paradigm of full control for sending tokens by allowing the destinations to be registered. They also implement full control for receiving tokens by allowing unwanted tokens’ contracts to be registered. This means token holders can choose to whom they want to send, or from whom they want to receive, tokens. The common ERC20 standard does not provide this degree of management. With ERC20, one cannot register particular addresses to which one wants to deposit tokens. And the receipt of tokens can happen as an imposition, because you are not able to reject unwanted tokens. ERC777 has solved these issues.

Batch Transfer - Capacity to execute 255 payments in one transaction - e.g. Businesses could use it to pay salaries or monthly bills

With any form of computation performed on the Ethereum network, all transactions must pay a gas fee (in ETH) to have the network process them. Each transaction pays a certain amount of gas which for tokens presents an issue when considered for massive adoption. Thanks to having such inventive and creative knowledge of Solidity, our Forensic Security Specialist Panos, was able to implement a distinguishing feature into CALL’s smart contract: the capacity to execute up to 255 payments in one transaction, in a much more economical way saving time and money, especially during times when the Ethereum network is having to process additional load.


Offers a wide range of transaction-handling mechanisms

Total Supply locked at 777 Million tokens

The maximum amount of CALL tokens that will ever exist is 777,000,000 tokens (777 Million CALL). Never will this amount of tokens increase. This total supply is locked by the smart contract and cannot be modified anytime in the future by any means.

CALL Token Specifications

Token Name
Token Type
Ethereum ERC777 (Backwards compatible with all ERC20)
Contract Address
Decimals/ Granularity
18 / 0.01
Total Supply/Max Supply
777 000 000 / 777 000 000

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Our distinguished team of security experts is specialized in searching for 0-day vulnerabilities, ethical hacking, and blockchain technologies. Want to upgrade your ERC20 token to the latest ERC777 standard? CALL us, we’re here to help.


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