Any Crypto project gives you some concrete product at least a coin or a token. Every project also promises to you at least some fancy razzle-dazzle for the future. But, observing projects’ strategies carefully makes them fall into two psycho-categories: those who concentrate more on delivering developments and those who sell promising ideas.


Both components are indispensable: the real one and the ethereal one. However, some teams concentrate the Psychological approach of their marketing strategy on the real component. Their emphasis is on delivering. On the other hand, many projects prefer to sell ideas or prophesies. In GCA we have been the kind of Team who cooks and delivers.


An honest observation of basic Crypto Psychology, nonetheless, leads us to a very curious fact: in Crypto, in general it seems to be a lot easier to get people to invest in ideas —in promises— than having the same people invest in actual delivering or in the real state of the art. In other words, people seem to be more willing to invest massively in fantasy than in actual delivered advancement. One sees many cases in which there is a lot of hype only during the long period when the project is merely promises.


In GCA we have adhered to a solid delivering paradigm. We are proud to say it. We prefer to deliver than to promise. In the past, we have seen amazing success with our paradigm. For us, it’s natural. It’s in our DNA. However, we could sometimes take a second to remember that the majority of investors in the market exhibit preference for the opposite Psychology.


Why have we been able to moon even with our delivering paradigm? Are we maybe stimulating some secret Psychology in people’s brains? I believe it could be fruitful for us to reflect a little about our reverse Psychology and find out how we manage to do the magic. I believe this identity makes us unique and outstanding. I hope we never change.

A talent is much more than one single extraordinary human being; a talent is a tribe. A tribe, likewise, is a community ready to invest in human potential. A talent is a blessed and gifted amazing person who reaches outstanding performance thanks to a supporting family.

A talent is not merely an individual. A talent is a network of people, a tribe. Without the tribe, an athlete or a gifted artist cannot shine. The extraordinary person, the talent, is only like the tip of the spear. The spear is the whole family of supporters.

One Crypto project understood this basic anthropological fact and created an organisation where supporting communities composed of enthusiastic believers can emerge around promising talents: JETCOIN and the Jet Institute.


JETCOIN is one of the most exciting and one of the most real-world-based Cryptos.

 It’s an organisation investing years in the research field of talent-raising, specially in the area of sports. Their research has shown to them that, just as a human child could never develop his full potential without the protection and nurture of a loving family; an athlete or any kind of talent could never reach his/her full potential if a community does not provide funds and care to transform the child into a successful grown revelation.

JETCOIN has implemented a set of smart contracts in the Blockchain to facilitate the emergence of nurturing families who can adopt new talents in their infancy to given them financial support and continuous care. If you have the token JET, you can buy shares and support your talent .4)D924 You can invest in the future of your talent. Also, if you have evidence that you are gifted with true potential for sports or art, but you don’t have funds to finance your development, you could approach Jet Institute where you might find a family wanting to bet on you for what you are. 

JETCOIN builds up families.

And families nurture new amazing people.

Crypto is a handsome little baby in its rocking cradle displaying big round eyes that observe and learn about the surrounding world.

Crypto is a novelty in human history. It’s a new reality. A new universe with its own set of hidden natural rules. We know that this baby is genetically a marvel, born to revolutionize the logic and mechanics of huge industries and life style. This is true. But it is also true that discovering the set of rules and finding the correct paths to the revolution will not be precisely like eating a delicious piece of sweet pie. Since Crypto is a new cosmos, it implies the rebirth and reconsideration of uncountable cosmologies.

The history of politics and of all idealisms seems to be starting all over again, from the ideal egalitarian distribution of the power amongst peoples just as ancient Greeks practiced it at their public Agora, to the most vertical style of Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan. An urgent need to test every single idiosyncrasy prevails in Crypto Psychology now. Every Crypto emerges more or less like an isolated tribe. As every other one, each single tribe has its own symbols, beliefs and ceremonies. And, above all, each adopts one political philosophy. This is why all Cryptos begin with an existential crisis: absolute democracy or corporative verticality.

Most end up choosing some point in between the two poles.

Which direction would be better for a Global Crypto Alliance dedicated to bringing unity to many Cryptos, and to massive adoption of Cryptos: left or right? 

GCA has found that the right direction is a must when you pretend to build an organization of organizations. 

You cannot implement and ideal community-driven perfect democracy for the management of an organization that can contain many communities in itself. The very objective of the Alliance imposes a paradigm. From the perspective of a Global Alliance, the North and South poles of Crypto-politics are clearly visible and understandable.

Which direction would be better for a Global Crypto Alliance dedicated to bringing unity to many Cryptos, and to massive adoption of Cryptos: left or right? GCA has found that the right direction is a must when you pretend to build an organization of organizations. You cannot implement and ideal community-driven perfect democracy for the management of an organization that can contain many communities in itself. The very objective of the Alliance imposes a paradigm. From the perspective of a Global Alliance, the North and South poles of Crypto-politics are clearly visible and understandable. Inside GCA we welcome projects in all possible points of the spectrum. Thus, we appreciate them all.
What’s are the pros and cons of the community-driven constitution? History of politics and of all the idea of living in order have given us States, governments, institutions and control. Some philosophers would say our whole history translates into the evolution of Surveiller et punir —Surveillance and punishment— by third parties. Others would explain our centralized social conditions as an arrangement for the control and exploitation of these third parties against the masses. Community-driven Cryptos are born as attempts made by some groups to undertake entrepreneurship without any central authority: a true government for the people by the people. The possibility of fair distribution of power and profit represents a huge motivation here.
In a democratic community the ideal is everyone has a voice. Putting this into practice, however, has nothing to do with paradise. A perfect socialism can end up as a massive and hysteric anarchism too, because it never happens that all members of the community have the same opinions and intentions. Communities tend to divide into many forces. So, if you eliminate completely the presence of a central authority, all opinions and all forces are equally valid and must be taken into account. No power should prevail. A community-driven project has to face the danger of becoming chaotic and dysfunctional specially if democracy is not relativized and redefined. Some community projects get to impressive results. However, none of them does it by taking a radical left. Most communities even contradict themselves by depositing power in the hands of a few —the devs or some admins—.
On the other side,
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the business-model in Crypto projects?
Businesses are run by a small group of people who —ideally— have a brilliant career in business, in IT, in science or in some professional field. A good business team are not first-timers. The team knows what it is doing. It also assumes legal responsibility and accountability. And in most cases, as a serious team, they register as a company or as a formal organization before a legal government internationally recognized. This implies they promise to obey laws and pay taxes. All this does not mean that there is no community at all. In many cases, business-driven Cryptos maintain huge communities. Each of those can develop a particular culture with plenty of activities and support from their leading team. Interaction with devs and admins can be equally close and intense, but it is perceived by the community more as a special service from the organization and not as power on the hands of the many. Top hierarchies place themselves under legal and financial pressure. Administration must be transparent and accounting systems must be professional. Here, a Crypto project behaves as a business and the pursue of profit is above democratic idealism. Some investors feel more secure in this kind of corporate structure knowing that legal authorities protect their interests and that a professional team is in charge.
A business, like any other business, can be a scam too. Scam does not necessarily mean crime or criminal. There is a difference and sometimes honest investors lose thousands of dollars because of this difference. It is well known that some companies launch an ICO, sell tokens and, after that, they do not continue working. After collecting millions of dollars in the very first stage, they lose interest in investing that money in the business. So, they just take the initial funds and go away. Of course, not all cases are so critical. But one has to be very careful about intentions. Investors have to learn how to read between the lines to see if the team is really going to be there for the long term and also to understand if objectives are achievable or if they are only mere fantasy. One must never forget that if a legal company sells fantasy to you in an open and transparent way, later you can’t defend yourself. You were offered fantasy and you accepted fantasy and payed for it consciously. This is a dirty trick that bad companies can use.
Are good criteria, then, totally inexistent for a new project to decide about their existential identity at the beginning? Choosing left or right is just a product of a capricious feeling or of an obsession? Well, it depends. But from the point of view of Global Crypto Alliance, there is some objective and impartial criteria that could be followed in many cases. It has to do with basic Math. It starts with a question about probabilities: what are the odds that the nature of the project facilitates the emergence of multiple political poles or many forces in the inside of the new project? This could also be seen as a question about complexity. Higher complexity imposes higher levels of centralization to obtain efficiency at the lowest possible cost. If the project is extremely simple, then democracy might be a good option.
GCA discovered this Mathematical function since we began. Our main objective is to unite with many other Cryptos, to work together in partnership and to grow together. In very short time we can have an active network of communities and projects made up of hundreds of thousands of very different people. We need a centralized solid structure with maximum degree of legality and of management and administration. Business model is our only