Global Crypto Alliance

Maker of CALL

The VERY First Token Powered by ERC777

Global Crypto Alliance

GCA is an alliance of crypto developers, blockchain-based projects and —most importantly— PEOPLE!

The core members of the Alliance are experienced professionals from the whole world. We are all developers who have faced many barriers in crypto-building in the past, who have gone through ups and downs and who have learnt what a project needs to be able to propose real Blockchain solutions. We established GCA to kick off promising and solid blockchain projects as well to offer know-how to the blockchain sphere.

As a Member of the Alliance, you will be surrounded and supported by strategic partners with the same mindset in regards to crypto. If you are developing a plan for a new project, or you already have a legitimately robust project, or if you are an influencer, or also if you are only a sincere crypto believer, we welcome you to become a member of the Alliance! 24/7 you can exchange your thoughts and ideas with people around the world. Soon we will start our own Alliance Summits – stay tuned.

Our own project is – an open news platform where authors, proofreaders as well readers will be rewarded with CALL token, the very first ERC777 token, the most recent and advanced Ethereum token standard.


  • Operate & Market
  • Provide services for members, such as Security, Smartcontract Design, Marketing, Legal and others
  • Support start-ups and help to established projects

Global Crypto Alliance

Decentralized Alliance of qualified experts who provide oversight to a full stack of professional services for Crypto-business development and to the CALL token

A platform/alliance with a growing array of people that will fulfill the needs of any project; let this be marketing, legal or technological - You CALL it!


CALL Token

  • User authorized operators that allow automatic payments
  • Compatibility with any ERC20 wallet
  • Updatable token functions that allow improvement
  • Increased security
  • Latest advanced Dapp-friendly features
  • Newest philosophy of genuine full control of accounts for holders
  • Capacity to execute 255 payments in one transaction
  • Total Supply locked at 777 million tokens
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