Global Crypto Alliance

Maker of CALL

The Very First Token Powered by ERC777

Global Crypto Alliance

GCA is an alliance of organizations of crypto-developers, of blockchain-based projects and – most importantly – of PEOPLE!

The core members of the Alliance are experienced professionals from the around the world. We are all developers who have faced many barriers in crypto-building in the past, who have gone through ups and downs and who have learnt what a project needs in order to be able to propose real Blockchain solutions. We established GCA to kick off promising and solid blockchain projects while giving sustainment to our native publication platform where we share original content about the crypto sphere.

If you need advice or special support for your project, join us! As a Member of the Alliance, you will be surrounded and supported by strategic partners with the same mindset in regards to crypto. If you are developing a plan for a new project, or you already have a legitimately robust project, or if you are an influencer, or also if you are only a sincere crypto believer, we welcome you to become a member of the Alliance! 24/7 you can exchange your thoughts and ideas with people around the world. Soon we will start our own Alliance Summits – stay tuned.

Likewise, we invite you to know more about GCA’s native main project, – (GCN) which is developing an open news platform where authors, proofreaders as well as readers, will be fully rewarded with our native currency, CALL token, the very first token of the ERC777 Standard, the most recent and advanced Ethereum standard for regular utility tokens.



  • Operate & Market
  • Provide services for members, such as Security, Smartcontract Design, Marketing, Legal and others
  • Support start-ups and help to established projects


CALL Token

  • User-authorized operators that allow automatic payments
  • Compatibility with any ERC20 wallet and Exchanges
  • Increased security
  • Latest advanced Dapp-friendly features
  • Newest philosophy of genuine full control of accounts for holders
  • Capacity to execute 255 payments in one transaction
  • Total Supply locked at 777 million tokens
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